Earth Day

Have you read Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed by Jared Diamond? It talks about specific societies such as the Maya or the Vikings and how they failed and collapsed. On Earth Day it seems wise recognize that we now live in a global society, a worldwide interconnected system. Our current system is rife with the characteristics of failed societies of the past, only now a failure will affect the entire planet. What can we do on Earth Day to make sure that doesn’t happen?

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

8 thoughts on “Earth Day”

  1. I knew it was coming. In denial as it moved inexorably closer. Whenever the sky darkened, reminded. That it was definitely coming. Nothing I could do to stop it. Helpless. Decided there must be some way I could move ahead. Make the sun shine? “Happy Earth Day” I trilled as I lifted my umbrella in the rain.

  2. “Earth day”. I have never heard of anything more silly. Why? Every day is an earth day. We live, breathe, eat, drink, sleep on the earth. It is like having a “life” day. Can any one imagine life without earth? May be the science fiction authors can, I cannot . It is too unfathomable a prospect. Earth day , indeed. ……………

  3. The sun’s rays broke through the slightly opened slats of the window shade. It hit her face at just the right angle that it awakened her. As she slowly opened her eyes, she considered it as the mighty orb’s way of gently saying—good morning.

    It was a perfect day for planting the baby evergreen that she had bought to honor Earth Day, and as she shoveled the ground, she thanked God for the rain that had fallen the day before that made her task just a little easier. She knelt on the cool ground and placed her gift to the earth on the newly- dug hole, pushing the soil around the hole in order to stabilize the small tree.

    To her, it didn’t matter that the last frost had not occurred yet; this was an evergreen. It could withstand any kind of weather, and as she looked at her newly-planted tree, she said, “And you shall be named Terra.”

  4. Earth Day

    My earth-day was a day on the allotment. Shrugging off the city suit and tie, the uniform of the office, I would change into my gardening clothes and spend a day with the thick fertile soil. Feeling the earth trickling through my fingers I would place tiny seeds in the soil to produce beautiful large plants bearing the fruit of the fertility of the earth.

  5. Tough old wet rock, we patronize it, condescend. A trillion days this rock has seen; it’s fine. It created oceans and glaciers and life. Don’t sweat the rock; it doesn’t care. It made butterflies, rainbows and fish. We are the fragile things. We will disappear. The rock will forget us.

  6. “Welcome to Earf!” was what Will Smith said to the 300lb Octopus from outer space before knocking it out. I was twelve when I saw this, so naturally I assumed Earth was synonymous with Independence. I would like to apologize for blowing up the neighbor’s tree with fireworks; wrong holiday.

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