Mostly Sunny

Yeah, her name is Sunny, but she’s mostly sunny at best. Many days she’s cloudy with a chance of downpours. I don’t let that stop me. I treat her the same every day no matter what kind of mood she’s in. I deliver her coffee, a pitcher of Half and Half, and a smile. What she does in return isn’t my problem.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “Mostly Sunny”

  1. A man once wrote, “the sun also rises.” He didn’t tell me if it was mostly, partly or with a chance of. Another man eventually came around and repeated it; only this time he capitalized the first letter of every word. He still never cleared it up for me.

  2. She definitely was of sunny disposition.She had a mischeivious grin on her face the moment she entered the room.Instead of straight away launching into her lectures, she would recount a tale, an anecdote, or a story, even gossip. When we all were hooked, then would the offensive begin. Of logarithms and matrices and derivations and integers. By then we were too enthralled to be disgusted. She was one of the best teachers ever……..

  3. Gerard heard the meteorologist’s voice from the bathroom as he finished knotting his tie, “Today will be mostly sunny with a chance of some afternoon showers.” Gerard guffawed. “What a joke! That translates that it probably will be raining the majority of the day! ”

    He made his way into the bedroom and stood in front of the TV. “Honestly, this station should really think about getting rid of this guy. He’s been wrong 100 percent of the time!”

    Sauntering downstairs, he opened the front door and saw that it was raining. Shaking his head as he laughed out loud, Gerard donned his raincoat, picked up his briefcase and headed out the door.


    What to pack?
    We are going South.
    I hear the place we heading for has
    Tropical rainstorms, Hurricanes, Floods,
    Even Tsunamis have been known to occur.
    Also the odd Earthquake to break the monotony.
    Shorts are a must, sunglasses, sandals, short-sleeved shirts.
    Better include an umbrella, a pac-a-mac a couple of sweaters and boots
    Just in case, although I understand from checking the internet and doing some research
    The place we are going to is MOSTLY SUNNY.

  5. She’s sunny for sure. Passing acquaintances, good-looking strangers, down and out losers—to them it appears as daylight and sunbeams. But the pallid light entering through the front door casts no warmth. As the thunderheads gather, we open umbrellas and turn the hat brims low until the shivery rays of the rising sun greet another day.

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