Human Communication

She failed miserably at human communication. She muttered. She was monosyllabic or she rambled on and on saying things that communicated nothing like “gaaah” or “sheesh” but were accompanied by expressive body language. However, if you tried to get her to do something, she spoke very clearly in a disrespectful tone, “Just a second. Don’t rush me.” Care to guess her age?

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

8 thoughts on “Human Communication”

  1. Blind mouth murmurs, inscoping the nascent dread. IamIamIamI. Ravens pluck at the veil. “Gaah!” All in all is all we are, I am forming – shoo! Huddled. Wrath to thy infernal poking. Beware – woman growing. SNAP! Go the teeth; go the teeth. You enter my reverie, unwelcome. Nothing for you. Shoo!

  2. Odd thing human communication. These men look at me. Silently. I look back. Silently. Yet I know all their thoughts. They know all mine. Finally, a voice communicates. The men raise their guns. Aim. What’s that saying? About your last human communication? You never hear the one that …


    Non-verbal communication is a very important understated aspect of human communication. Not just sign language, but getting your message across in many other different ways, such as facial expression, smiles and frowns, nods and winks. Then there is the very little understood method of mind-to-mind thought transference that is not recognised officially by the scientific community. Mind-reading I believe is real and not a branch of science fiction.

  4. In the wake of the technological evolution, it seems that human communication has dwindled. People always have their heads bent looking at some device (i. e., a smartphone, a tablet or a computer). It seems we live in a society of human “gooseneck lamps” because of the position assumed when checking anything on these devices. You see people on the street walking this way, people in cars, people waiting for buses…well, you get the idea.

  5. It must have been monsoon,or one of those festive months, when every good looking girl in the orient, decides to get her palms and feet adorned with the swirling patterns of henna. She had her hands full of the ” gooey gloop” while the artist paid attention to her feet by the roadside. The heena paste must have been still wet ; for she was desperately trying to rein in an errant strand of hair behind her ears, with the flimsy aid of her elbows.A passer-by, a fat middle aged woman quietly bend down next to her and tucked the offending hair behind her ears, before silently walking away. To me, that was the epitome of human communication, as the girl, still seated threw a smile of gratitude,steel braces glinting in the blinding mid-day noon ; in the direction of the receding back of the woman…….

  6. Human Communication is a necessity, and it is very meaningful. Communication among humans is needed to accomplish goals, enhance relationships, and overcome obstacles. When we attain the things we desire, work hard to make our relationships successful, and attempt to rise above daily challenges meaningful communication must be actively engaged.

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