His face was so close to mine I could only focus on one ugly brown eye at a time. Usually when someone was this close to me, I was thinking about kissing, but all I wanted to do to this creep was spit in his face.  With duct tape over my mouth, that possibility was out, but . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

7 thoughts on “Eye”

  1. The eyes are the windows to the soul. That is such a beautiful cliche, with fair amount of truth in it. But what do you do or think when someone is cock eyed? Which eye do you look at?
    I want to give everyone a fair chance when I speak to them, so I always look into their eyes. This enables be to “hear” them rather than making judgements on appearances.
    Enter, a cockeyed person. Where do I look? Which eye? Why don’t they where a eye patch? An eye patch would give me directions, like signs on a highway.

  2. He nonchalantly walked after the waiter into the crowded restaurant and practically all heads turned to look, including Dagmar who focused on his overall appearance.

    He was impeccably dressed in a pin-stripped navy blue suit with a perfectly matching shirt and tie. His head was shaved, and he sported an eye patch over his left eye, in the style of Moshe Dayan.

    He exuded self-confidence, and his swaggering gait impacted Dagmar, so much so, that her trance was suddenly shattered when her fork fell onto her plate. As he passed her table, he looked down and smiled the most perfect smile…

  3. I walked down the boardwalk and my feet hit the scorching sand. My feet began to blister and the sun began to burn my shoulders. I was so focused on the burning that I failed to realize the mesmerizing pair of blue eyes staring at me from the lifeguard stand.

  4. It is amazing!! The amount of conversations that take place with the eye. This particular person had a total schism in so far as speaking with eyes are concerned. She would welcome you warmly into her home , make you seated, and when her husband would ask to stay for the midday meal, she would clam shut, I mean the eyes. You could almost hear the abuses emanating from her eyes, asking you to leave, pronto.You could see the table laid only for two; the uncertain smile still quivering on her lips and her eyes, beseeching, almost threatening. ……

  5. EYE

    About two years ago, Margaret had a cataract removed during a very quick eye-operation.
    Her left eye was heavily bandaged overnight. The next day when the bandage was removed, her face was a picture. I am sure this is how a blind person would look if their sight was restored. She described the incredible detail that she had missed before the operation. Within 30 minutes she had a duster in her hand removing previously invisible traces of dust.

  6. His eye was magnificent 30 percent of the time. Because this occurred, the fans and his team mates envisioned a very successful man. A 30 percent success rate appears to be dismal almost anywhere, but in one particular area this is great. He had the eye for hitting a baseball.

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