Silk and Pearls

It took help to get her into the costume. With that help, she was bundled and buttoned into luscious volumes of silk, draped with pearls, and fitted with elaborate curls that would have taken hours to create had it not been a wig. It was hot and hard to breathe. She walked from her trailer to the set with a slight sense of dread about spending the next 14 hours in this getup.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “Silk and Pearls”

  1. In the grand ballroom, the guests were methodically being shot. A green-screen would allow the Stars to move about in comfort in the background, digitally. Stars would wilt in this broiling summer’s heat. The scene was Swiss Mansion in Winter; all doors were closed, fake snow on the windows.

  2. My friends and I were aboard the good ship “Paradisio”, in the south sea islands, diving for pearls. I was wearing my legendary silk swimming trunks under my wet-suit. My heart skipped a beat as I came up with a huge rare very valuable black pearl. I placed it in a silk-lined casket and presented it to Margaret.

  3. Silk and pearls—black pearls, that is—it was what Sasha liked. Whenever the occasion required elegant couture, this was what she chose to wear. Depending on the style of her dress, the fabric would either cling to her seamlessly or simply flow as she walked elegantly into any recital, reception or dinner party, and she reveled in knowing that many eyes were on her. She knew she was stunning, and she knew how to flaunt it…

  4. A huge , ornate tent with a saffron pennant flying high , beckoned her.
    She walked in, hesitated, gingerly lifting the tent flap.
    The air inside was cool , and perfumed with “ittar”, she recognised immediately.
    There was a hushed silence .
    Men, ornately dressed as Maratha warriors, sat against the fabric of the tent.
    All were dressed in silk and pearls. Silken long kurtas, tight at the ankles churidars, strings of pearls swaying from their silken turbans,large swords with showy, bejewelled scabbards tied at hips.
    At the far end , with a gigantic camel hair whisk slowly moving in arcs , sat the king.
    He motioned to her with a bejewelled arm, softly tinkling and glinting with the gold and pearl jewellery , smelling of roses , again.
    She stared mesmerised.
    It was either a dream , or she had wandered into a movie set.

  5. The silk
    so soft
    against my skin.

    I can remember it well.

    The way it felt to wear pearls.

    The string around my neck
    That insisted I was of importance

    It told me I was worth it

    And I can still remember the day
    he bought it

    Just for me.

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