Dolly Parton's new album Blue Smoke

That voice,
That voice was made for bluegrass.
That angelic voice,
That voice soaring above the banjos and guitars
Was made for bluegrass.
That accent,
That southern accent
Was made for bluegrass.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “Bluegrass”

  1. Bluegrass brings to mind Kentucky, the Great Smokey Mountains, the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia, Skyline Parkway…..


    and music, of course, music!

    Banjos, fiddles, music gatherings in the barn complete with dancing and eating and plenty of flirting….

    while outside the mountains hover in, protecting us and cradling us in their shadow…….

  2. I must admit I have heard very little Blue-Grass country music here in the UK. Although I like some country music, I am an avid classical music fan. I understand there is a British Bluegrass music association with a large following here. I have seen many images of the beautiful Kentucky blue grass country region, with the impressive horses grazing on the beautiful luscious grass. Music is born from such beauty.

  3. I’m a classical music lover, but have eclectic tastes in other types of music. I like some country music but unfortunately, bluegrass as an offshoot of this type of music is not my thing. I’ve never been to Kentucky nor seen the beauty of the Great Smokey or Blue Ridge Mountains, but I can be sure that I would be impressed by their sheer splendor and would probably feel my own insignificance when compared to their magnificent creation.

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