Ah, sleep

Ah, sleep is so difficult sometimes. The book, the bedtime tea, the pain pills: none of it brings the needed oblivion of rest. Sleep is a natural part of life, a necessary part of life, yet it hides itself, plays the tease, becomes a lingering lack that follows us throughout the daylight hours.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “Ah, sleep”

  1. Our kingship of the little empire is threatened. We command all we see; we can always command, but the world does not leap and bound, always. Reflexively, I sleep myself! The reflexive imperative – does it exist by name? Sleep, damn you!

  2. What actually is sleep for? I questioned the guru of all things. Why do we have to waste the valuable time, doing nothing but idly dreaming and sleeping?
    Ah, sleep! The wise one replied. Sleep is essential to rejuvenate the brain and rest the cells. When one has a difficult problem to solve there is a lot of truth in the old advice, “Sleep on it”. Often the answer magically appears after a period of sleep.

  3. Sleep is the blissful repose from the feverish quivering of life. It is a refuge from the world, a necessary adjunct to action-filled existence,as night is to day; as dark is to light; as quietitude is to chaos ; as rest is to exercise.’ Ah sleep’. Glorious few hours of oblivion, and of respite before daybreak and the cycle of monotonous’ grind’ can take over

  4. Ah, sleep…something I really enjoy, especially on rainy days and according to the weather report, rain is in the forecast throughout the week. Lucky me!

  5. Ah, sleep, elusive sleep. I beat you out every time. This insolent brain wants to savor every moment of the night and is afraid of missing something. But what is there to miss in the middle of the black, lonely night. Maybe I’m waiting for some profound meaning, some all inclusive answer, some poignant direction. Waiting..

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