Dancing in the Car

I followed the big Toyota down the street. At every stoplight I could hear and feel the beat of music coming from inside. When the car sat at a light, it rocked to the motion of the people inside who waved their arms, bounced in their seats and danced in the car. Good thing the driver calmed down when the light turned green.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “Dancing in the Car”

  1. Stopping at the light next to the bright red mini Cooper, I initially heard the music emanating from the car. Even with the windows closed, you could feel the bass thundering inside the enclosed vehicle and the passenger, as well as the driver, dancing in the car to the rhythm of the thunderous music. Boy, did that catapult me back to my disco days! It certainly put a big smile on my face…

  2. I am having trouble posting comments here, the comment appears to be accepted then is not displayed, then i get an error message telling me I have already said that when I try to post the comment again. But your site does not and will not display the message.

    Here is my response to your latest prompt~

    “My son came home from work, bolted down his dinner, and announced that Mary his current girlfriend would arrive soon as they were going dancing together. I like Mary and I enquired where they were going to dance. In the car, he smiled, I was dumbfounded. How do you expect to dance in a Mini-car? My son grinned, Dad, it is the latest craze, we drive to the beach, turn the music on loud and Hand-jive. We both just love dancing in the car!”

  3. When the radio is going and the traffic is slow, dancing in the car takes away the anxiety that is experienced by drivers and passengers. On the freeways of Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Newark people are dancing in the car daily to combat frustration and be happy in slow traffic.

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