The Watercooler

After an hour of Tai Chi I headed for the watercooler. The tray beside the water was stocked with environmentally friendly real glasses. Since I knew what the sink looked like in the back room of this place, using the supposedly clean glassware always made me a bit nervous. But . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “The Watercooler”

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    Despite my nerves, I picked up the glass and filled it with water from the watercooler. Bringing it to my lips was “another story” because I couldn’t do it.

    Instead, I turned to the lady behind me and asked her if she could tell me where a vending machine was located. “Vending machine?” She looked puzzled. “Please don’t tell me you are going for a soda!”

  2. The commotion was coming from the direction of the water cooler down the hall. It had started as just loud voices that eventually escalated to a screaming match.

    Gillian stepped out of her office and stood by the doorway to get a better glimpse at what was happening—and she couldn’t have timed it better. In an instant, the two men that were arguing came to blows and security had to interfere.

    Later she found out that they were fighting over a co-worker who was dating both of them. What a way to start a Monday morning at work!

  3. The giant water cooler had been standing there from the time she could remember. It had a square concrete trough of its own, which would usually have pencil shavings, dead cockroaches and other detritus rotting in a thin layer. Not today. The trough beneath the cooler was clean and dry, and the cooler itself had been polished and new taps installed. This meant only one thing- an impending inspection by the big boss. Her fears were confirmed later……


    There is nothing like the taste of an extra-hot portion of Nando’s chicken laced with the extra hot spicy Nando’s dressing. The taste buds explode with the mixture of flavours. When it is washed down with an extra cold glass of iced water from the water cooler, this is the ultimate taste sensation.

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