Public Bathroom

It’s a big office building with a large public bathroom. Lots of stalls, even in the women’s bathroom. You can be in there minding your own business and overhear all sorts of stuff if people don’t notice that you’re there. My boss’s secretary and Heather from accounting have sex in the handicapped stall sometimes. They think nobody knows. Everybody knows, except maybe my boss.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “Public Bathroom”


    Public bathrooms can be very variable in the UK, some are sparkling-clean, with soap dispensers and automatic hand dryers. These are usually located in hotels, restaurants or stores. Sometimes public bathrooms can be gruesome where the cleanliness leaves a lot to be desired. On the continent they charge one euro for the use of a public bathroom, this is reflected in the cleanliness of the public bathrooms.

  2. The women’s public bathroom at the mall, as usual, had a line and it was filthy. There were paper towels strewn all over the floor and by the sink area. I could never understand this—why are people so careless in their ways? I’m pretty sure they would not do this in their own homes, but then again, one never knows…

  3. Rustle of silk. Shuffled footsteps. Muffled sniff. A hand bag opens with a click and a wave of chanel fills the bathroom. The feet are shod in dainty slippers, silvery grey, and a swirl of peach and gold cover her ankles. What ails her? A half sob escapes from her lips and hangs on the air heavy with odours.Was it the odour of despair or of disappointment? A scream thwarted by a determined ball of fist/tissue?A strangulated cry, What’s going on?

  4. The object of the exercise is to be
    As uncontroversial as ever,
    To write a poem that reflects
    An objectionable object whenever
    One has an earthy need to free
    The bowels from a blockage, wherever
    The need for relief arises
    By searching for a public bathroom.

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