I live in a state (New Mexico) with clear, dry air. When you are away from the cities, the view of the night sky is stunning. So many stars, they seem to cover the sky in a solid sheet. Thick as clouds and brightly close at hand. Looking up can be a compelling and spiritual experience.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “Stars”

  1. I moved long ago from Nevada to Massachusetts. I was bewildered. Those shimmering shapes daddy traced in the sky – all gone, all gone. Now, the odd planet or two – Mars, or Jupiter; sometimes a dim twinkle of something. By then, I had given up on the sky.

  2. STARS

    The Milky-Way when it is viewed from the clear skies of the mountains or the countryside is stunning. Every little sparkling star is a planet that could support life of some form. We are on the verge of the discovery of new and exciting life forms living on far distant stars. When the Milky-Way is viewed from a brightly lit town or city, light pollution blots out the light of the stars, they become almost invisible to the eye.

  3. There is nothing more beautiful than to watch the stars of a Caribbean sky, and if one stares long enough, you could see falling ones. I remember the many wishes that I made on these…Those days are now gone, but whenever I’m in a place that is away from the city lights, I always like to look up and see the shining stars in the night sky for it brings back many good memories of my young adulthood.

  4. Staring at the inky-black, star-studded night sky can be a strangely humbling experience. Here we are small, pitifully, infinitesimally small beings, living under a canopy which is vast, endless, infinite. Our petty wars, concerns, tears are all meaningless when you stare at the sheer size of the universe, with its twinkling stars, luminous planets. One might as well be an insignificant ant in the grand scheme of things. What are we? Nothing but squirming, whining dots?

  5. We bought an small, old house that was a fixer-up. Dad had reached the time to redo our bedroom floor. So we carried the twin beds out to the front lawn and slept in them for a couple nights. This is when I realized that the Milky Way moved. At least from our vantage point it spun around like a top. Every time I woke up it had turned to another position.

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