With extreme weather becoming the norm the potential that people will have to evacuate and leave their homes due to floods, mudslides, wildfires, and other disasters looms larger everyday. An emergency kit that you can toss in your car makes more and more sense for everyone. The contents . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “Evacuate”

  1. 85year old neighbour Walter was killed last week in a gas explosion. Walter was set in his ways a loner who had no time for anyone except his cat “Smokey”. Walter was hard of hearing and very reclusive, he always had his windows and the doors firmly shut against the world. There was a major incident in the area, vans with loud-speakers attached combed the streets urging, requesting, then ordering everyone to EVACUATE! Then, the huge explosion that ripped through three houses,flattening everything. It was not until three days later that the world noticed the disappearance of Walter. “Smokey” survived.

  2. To find oneself in a situation,
    Where the object is not available
    To fulfil the need for evacuation
    Can be really quite uncomfortable.
    To ponder the problem of the shortage
    Of these objects for general use
    People on high sit on the throne
    Write poetry and generally muse.

  3. It was a humid summer night. Silently, a steady stream of villagers entered the house, each emerged moments later, holding a tiny sleeping form in his arms. The ladies of the house silently tied up their jewellery in small bundles which was swiftly concealed in holes dug in warm moist soil of the corner of cowsheds.Within minutes, the entire house was evacuated , against a very valid threat of dacoits.The night-watchman had seen torches (multitudes of them)lighting up the path to the house . Coming from the west, it could mean only one dreaded thing in this drought season. The grand old man sat on the porch, his rusted rifle, across his knees, dug out in a hurry from the forgotten depths of the almirah.Trusted fellow villagers squatted all over the porch, silent, in the darkness of the night, armed with sticks, spades, waiting………

  4. As the weather patterns seem to be getting more severe, one constantly hears in the news about people who need to evacuate their homes and leave all their belongings behind. It’s so sad and many times so tragic that everything a person has worked so hard to acquire could be gone in an instant. It’s terrifying to think that we are so defenseless against the powerful forces of nature.

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