Open the Windows

Neighbors complained about the smell. When we entered the apartment, the stench of death was overwhelming.

“Open the windows,” was the first thing out of the Lieutenant’s mouth.

There were two bodies in the living room. One, in a sleeping bag, was a suspect in a kidnapping case. The other . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “Open the Windows”

  1. Edith is bedridden, living in a flat in Hampstead, London.
    Every July she would instruct her visitors to open the windows.
    Edith enjoyed the beautiful music from the open air music concerts, coming from Kenward House. Sadly cancelled this year, due to heavy losses, we invested in a music player.

  2. The temperature was a cool 55ºF. It had been a harsh winter and Chloe felt that it was time to open the windows and allow the cool breeze to enter the house. She was particularly fond of this time of the year since all the sounds of nature came alive—the sounds of the chirping birds during the daytime made her happy, and the incessant nighttime sounds of the crickets and other nocturnal creatures lulled her to sleep. It seemed as if all these creatures were reveling in the beauty of nature and their vibrant sounds was proof of that.

  3. A sniff of the air ,and he instantly knew. One foot on the threshold, arms laden with grocery bags , he screamed at the kids to open the windows. Sprinting to the kitchen, he chucked the bags on the counter and ran to close the hissing tap. Maa was busy putting out clothes in the backyard.The milk having boiled over, and burnt to a black,smoky charred crust at the bottom of the pan. Anger welled in him as he turned to face his mother. “God, how could she be so careless? he thought.

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