Sally has a husband

She ticked off names on her fingers. “Sally and her husband, Carole, maybe a couple more.”

“Sally has a husband?” I asked. This statement was surprising and shocking, since Sally was a lesbian and had never showed signs of being anything else.

“No,” she laughed. “Not that Sally. The other Sally.”

“Oh, okay then. That makes sense.” It’s a relief when life makes sense.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

6 thoughts on “Sally has a husband”

  1. Both my son and daughter had their college pals over, when my husband arrived with his arms filled with field corn. “Corn on the cob?”, I asked. “Well, looks like we have some company for dinner.”, my husband retorted, with a quick glance at the friends. “So the corn will come in handy.”

    The kids were drinking beer on the back porch and this was kind of a new idea for me to “wrap my head around”. My kids all grown up. Sigh!

    Yes, my name is Sally and yes, Sally has a husband who is good to her and very helpful and always thinking about the family and his home and how many folks can say that?

  2. Sally was my best friend, we grew up together and shared many things together until last year when Sally left for an unknown destination. My sister Sue asked if I had seen Sally lately, I answered No! Sally has a husband, my husband, they ran away together. Sue was angry, shocked!~~~~~~

  3. Sally has a husband, but it’s as if she didn’t have one—his job keeps him traveling and away from home the majority of the time. He always justifies this situation by stating that the pay is good, but in reality, their marital life has suffered for it. Their disconnection has become part of that problem, and Sally feels that it will take a miracle to recapture what they used to have.

  4. “Sally has a husband?”
    She sounded incredulous. How could Sally marry?Marriage was meant for people who were generous enough to share everything with someone else. Or maybe even open to the idea of some company.
    Sally was neither. Neither did she like company, nor the idea of sharing anything. She would live in an ivory tower where she would often lock herself up for hours, and sometimes days. All attempts at drawing her out would result in a gruff rebuttal…….

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