The Rescue

A plague of grasshoppers hit the city. Little grey grasshoppers. They don’t have much personality, these little gray fellows. There are so many of them skittering away from walking feet that they can’t help but hop into the house. Then they have to be rescued and returned to the wild – the concrete and asphalt from whence they came.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “The Rescue”

  1. The same problem is happening again Natalie~I keep getting the message that I have already said this but it just disappears~
    I will try again with this 🙂

    They came to the rescue, blue lights flashing on the emergency vehicles, Fire, Police and Ambulance. It had been a horrendous crash and three people were believed to be dead with another person trapped inside the vehicle. The firemen used cutters to cut through the steel, then the air ambulance arrived~~~

  2. The rescue was being witnessed by all who lived in the cul-de-sac. Everyone had come out of their homes when they heard the sound of the sirens from the firetrucks, ambulance and police cars. The area was teeming with camera crews and reporters, and everyone in the neighborhood was wondering how one of their neighbors had ended up stuck in his chimney.

    Everyone was witnessing how the firemen were in the process of rescuing an individual who was stuck in the chimney of his house. Pulling a heavily sooted, partly dressed young man from the chimney had seemed to be a major undertaking by the rescuers, and everyone clapped thunderously. The rescue had been a formidable success.

    Later, Kendall found out that the individual had locked himself out of the house and decided that attempting to go down the chimney would be the way to re-enter it. After that incident, everyone in the neighborhood called him Santa.

  3. The cow mooed long and pleadingly. Her eyes huge and terror-filled. A broken fence of a Public Works department warehouse, and long green grass on the neglected grounds had enticed the cow to wander in to the premises and now , she had sunk upto her belly into what seemed like a quicksand of coal-tar mixed with mud, apparently having spilt from one of the enormous barrels, accidentally. The cowherd, besides himself with terror and anguish, held onto her horns, screaming for help as she floundered, sinking further. It was one rescue attempt which brought my heart to my mouth……

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