I thought it was a small man when I pulled over. When the dirty hitchhiker climbed in beside me I realized it was a teenaged girl. Hair shaved short, tough expression on her face, ready to fight if needed. She was headed for Chicago, knew someone there who would let her crash. She didn’t talk about what she was heading away from. It was written all over her. I let her out in eastern Iowa and wished her luck. I hope her great escape is successful.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

2 thoughts on “Hitchhike”

  1. My friend and I were on leave from the Army, we were in uniform. We hitchhiked from England to Scotland in a variety of vehicles to visit our girlfriends. Most people at that time would give a soldier in uniform a lift, we saved our fares to spend on the girls. To hitchhike in the UK is commonly known as thumbing-a–lift.

  2. Danira felt the car shimmy violently. She knew she had a flat tire, so she decided to pull over to the shoulder. This stretch of road by the ocean was long and not trafficked heavily, but since it was the weekend, she was hoping that more travelers would be driving in this direction today.

    A few cars drove by but didn’t stop. It was hot, and the sun pounded hard on her skin as she paced the hot pavement. She figured it was time to hitchhike when a good samaritan stopped. As he walked towards her, she stood next to her car squinting against the overwhelming glare trying to see who it was…

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