Leave? Go out on her own? No.

Instead she expressed her unhappiness in the most cowardly of ways. Nagging. Failing to get the crease right in his jeans. Buying the wrong brand of pork and beans. Withholding.

He, on the other hand, took action. He left.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “Cowardly”

  1. I was devastated when he left. I could see my part in our breakup but was helpless to stop the tide of misery flowing from wounds in my damaged past. Our relationship was like a train speeding toward a cliff. Sometimes the edge seemed so far away… until suddenly it was there, pulsing in visceral reality. In the months that followed I felt abandoned… my heart completely numb. And yet I didn’t die. I carried on. I found friends and an openness that took me by surprise. Life didn’t kick me to the curb, forgotten and tattered. it embraced me… took me in its arms and held me through nights of tears and shame. Vibrating, amazing life… never judging, always there, forever healing and available.

  2. ‘Everyone considered him the coward of the county’; anyone who has heard this country song can not help but be moved by the simple , rustic rythm and logic to these words. What makes a coward, a coward is a percieved sense of inability to act valiantly when the occasion so demands. The irony here, as in the iconic song , lies in the fact ,that most often the so-called coward,dreamer, drifter, rises a tad too high to the occasion , and ends up the hero, martyr, or the patriot. Another example worth quoting here may be the reluctant protagonist of the Victor Hugo’s war novel, Les Miserables.

  3. During the First World War a conscientious objector was presented with a white feather. this was the symbol of a coward. Whatever the objection to war that led to his refusal to fight, it was very brave of the objector to face the label of a coward and become ostracised from his friends and family.

  4. Why is the color yellow associated with being cowardly? Who designated colors to these attributes? Green for envy, red for anger, blue for sadness, white for purity, etc., etc. Interesting and colorful…

  5. Ferg sat astride his horse thinking about irony. Fearghal Catharnac O’Farrell, the names he was cursed him with at birth, the names his father repeatedly reminded him to live up to, the first, middle and last that all meant “brave man”, haunted him as he stared at the tumble-down cabin.

    The weight of his names and his father’s commands proved too heavy a burden that crisp, fine autumn day 10 years ago when the cabin was burned. Ferg knew that if it wasn’t for his cowardly actions, his father might still be alive.

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