This Isn’t Kansas

Two brothers from Topeka shouldn’t have been together storming the beaches at Normandy, but there they were, staring at the rapidly approaching sands of Omaha Beach. John grabbed Eddie in a fierce hug. John, the elder, the leader, said, “Stick by me. We’ll get through this, I promise.” Eddie looked at the bluffs and cliffs ahead of them and knew that high ground provided defensive positions that would be deadly to take. Eddie hugged his brother back, knowing it might be their last moments together. . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

6 thoughts on “This Isn’t Kansas”

  1. Joel bit into his corn on the cob, then eyed it with a mixture of surprise and disgust.

    His podmate, Marcus, laughed and said, “Yeah, that was my reaction the first time I ate that stuff. They can grow it here– the soil has the right nutrients– but it just doesn’t taste like corn from good old terra firma.”

    Joel placed the ear of corn on his plate and looked out the window. The twin suns were just setting beyond the distant hills. This definitely isn’t Kansas, he thought wryly as he recalled the sequence of mishaps that brought him here.

  2. This isn’t Kansas! I have seen Kangaroos and Wallaby’s with Koala’s and
    Emus. I have met some of the native Aboriginal people,
    In Kansas they have Buffalo and Cattle, Horses and Rattlesnakes. The native people of Kansas were originally Cheyenne Indians and Wichita Indians.
    Kansas was once American Indian territory. No! This isn’t Kansas.

  3. Mary often thought of death…. Her job as a receptionist wasn’t anything remarkable, her apartment constantly smelled of cabbage and onions from the neighbor below, and her dog just ran away. It was almost 10 pm when she left the dishes in the sink, pulled on her coat and walked to the train tracks. Hearing the whistle, she hurried her steps. Amtrak was almost always on time. She was tired of fighting the mediocrity of her life.

    It was dawn when she pushed herself up and opened her eyes. The fog must have rolled in because it was hard to see. For a moment she had no idea what had happened, who she was… But one this was quite clear. She was surrounded by pugs. Little black muzzled faces full of laughter sat on her legs, her chest, bating at her hair . The nearest one spoke to her. “Hello Mary, we’ve been waiting for you…”

  4. As Emma lay in the beach chair watching the calm sea, her thoughts wondered to her home—Kansas. After the harsh winter, she was glad that she had planned for a vacation on a tropical island. Here, everyday was sunny and life was so laid back and relaxed; nothing like Kansas, she thought. Definitely, this isn’t Kansas, and the thought brought a smile to her face.

  5. Meredith looked up at the skyscrapers that seemed only inches away from kissing the heavens and thought , no, this definitely isn’t Kansas. She tried, in vain, to stop looking up. She knew only country folks did this.
    Ah hell, she thought, I am a country girl but maybe not for long.

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