Beach Towel

“Grab one of these towels,” Brooke’s mother said.

Brooke grabbed the Mickey Mouse towel.

“I wanted that one,” Laurie said.

“It’s mine.” Brooke answered, clutching the towel close to her chest. “You take the other one.”

Laurie look at the towel. A hunky man’s chest covered it. Laurie knew her mom would think it was nasty. “I can’t use that one,” she said.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “Beach Towel”

  1. Beach towels are forgiving objects. They are mercilessly tossed on sweltering sand, separating us from the creepy crawlies, relentless grains of sand and the occasion cigarette butt. They cover our kids during a sudden breeze or when it is time to dry off. Then they sit in dusty closets for months, awaiting our abuse, to serve their one true purpose.

  2. My brother and I on the beach~8yrs old and 10yrs old~ Look at the size of this crab under the rocks! I fearlessly grab this huge crab by the shell, and drag it out. Huge pinchers, I am careful to avoid getting nipped~Pass the beach towel~I wrap the monster up.

  3. We checked-in to our luxury hotel and decided to have a swim in the wonderful heated tropical pool. There were about fifty sun loungers scattered around, but none were avalilable to use. Every spare seat had a beach towel or book laid on it, left there to reserve it.

  4. The yellow and black striped beach towel lay in a crumpled heap on the sand under the fishing pier. “Look, Mom, I’m Batman”, the boy exclaimed as he wrapped the towel around his shoulders like a cape. “Put that filthy thing down”, his Mom said. The boy dropped the towel back on the sand, several yards from where he found it.

    Two teenage boys found the towel. One of them grabbed it, dipped one end in the water and slapped it at his friend. They played this game for a half mile down the beach before losing interest and dropping the towel back on the beach.

    A man approached the towel, walking a dog. The dog sniffed the towel and growled. The man tugged on the leash, pulling the dog away from the towel.

    The only one who noticed the blood on one corner of the towel was the dog. No one noticed the dead girl submerged under the fishing pier.

  5. The dog circled his bed and whined. It was then that Sachi realized the reason he was doing this—she had removed the beach towel covering his bed in order to wash it, and he was showing signs of anxiety secondary to this. Her dog, Tristan, had always been skittish; especially when it came to his things. She knew that he would not get in his bed until the towel had been replaced. Animals—such creatures of habit, she thought with a sigh…

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