He startled me, appearing with a white streak of sunscreen down his nose and a crazy grin on his face. The sun behind him haloed his head and hurt my eyes. I sat up. “You look like you have a serious nose disease,” I said.

“Forgive me my nose disease,” he said, “because I come bearing water.” He held out a bottle of water, ice melting off its sides.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “Sunscreen”

  1. The detectives stood huddled in the meager shade thrown by the large piling from the ramshackle fishing pier. They were waiting until the coroner completed his examination of the dead girl’s body.

    “Damn, that sun in intense”, complained Detective Cameron Hoglund as she wiped her fingers across her cheekbones. “This stuff should be standard issue from the department. I’m spending a fortune on it”, she continued, indicating the bottle of sunscreen in her hand.

    Detective Irene Josephs laughed. “Cam, you should have stayed in Seattle under that umbrella you keep hoping you’re going to need on the job. The way this drought is going, Southern California is going to fry to a crisp long before you do”.

  2. The morning after our trip to the scorching beach, my friend realised how stupid she had been.”I forgot to apply the sunscreen”, she cried, as she examined her badly burnt skin in the mirror. I hope there is no lasting damage.

  3. It’s a common thing nowadays to put on sunscreen if you’re going to be exposed to the sun. I remember that when I was growing up, this was not a major concern. I remember suntan lotion but not sunscreen. Nowadays, even makeup contains sunscreen.

    It’s funny how the world’s evolution has rendered the earthlings more susceptible to what was considered healthy in the past…

  4. “No, no, stop mom!” The young child screamed in protest as his mother lathered him in the suspicious white substance. “It will protect you!” The mother’s frustration had boiled over. “You will not be swimming, young man!” With the uncontrollable anger of a discontented eleven-year-old, he walked defiantly into the water.

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