Every morning she walked the beach, just at the edge of the surf, at the point where it was neither sand nor ocean, but both. That’s where her mind could roam into the possibilities of change, the juxtaposition of what is with what was coming. It was the only peaceful time in her day.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

8 thoughts on “Surf”

  1. Ariel could sense the darkness coming. For weeks she had been a nervous wreck, dropping cups of coffee at work, misplacing important files, jumping when someone rounded a corner. It had come to a point where she craved the confrontation, where she longed to end her anxiety and go down fighting if she must. Ever since her near death experience, she could see shadows, dark beings clinging to human souls as they made their way to work, to markets, to pick up their kids at school. And, yes, she also saw bright angelic beings spreading love and keeping a kind of balance. The last place she expected to see the darkness was from new employee, Sawyer Thomas. With dark blue eyes and dimples, he also had a mock ten demon attached to his back like a too-tight T-shirt. And the guy didn’t seem to know a thing about it. So, the darkness had come in a pretty package. She rolled her shoulders. She could handle pretty.

  2. The coroner waded out into the surf to examine the body. “Yup, dead”, he said laconically.

    The body floated face down in the water, banging against the rock jetty with each lap of the waves. Her brown hair tangled lazily with the seaweed.

    “Can’t tell what killed her from this angle”, he continued, glancing at his team of investigators. One took notes while the other snapped photos. “But, my guess is that she’s hasn’t been dead long.”

  3. Gina hesitated walking on the dock when she saw the surf crashing against it. The sun had disappeared and the warm gentle breeze had ceased. It had suddenly turned windy, overcast and dark clouds began to populate the sky. She was overcome by an ominous feeling, so she decided to head back to the cabana. It looked like it was going to pour.

    All of a sudden, the sky opened up and the rain began to fall—hard and fast. Trying to seek refuge from the pelting rain, she made a run for her car, but it was not in the spot where she had parked it…

  4. The surf was up, white-topped waves crashing into the shore. One wave seemed to be balancing, manoeuvring to get ahead of the others, a huge wave heading in fast. Billy jumped on the board, braced himself then smiled at the sheer exhilaration of riding the monster. The wave curled over his head as he approached the shore almost swallowing him up, but he came out on top, smiling.

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