I notice a movement in Sammy’s sandbox. Inside the tractor tire where we’d poured a couple of yards of sand, I saw 2 horned toads. When I approached they scampered away from me, digging in.

Sammy loved horned toads and had clearly decided that some should be permanent toys in his play area. I don’t know if you have any experience with these creatures, but they stink. Another dilemma as a mother on a day when I didn’t need any more.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “Sand”

  1. Detective Josephs walked up the beach toward the jetty holding a plastic evidence bag. Inside was a damp black and orange striped beach towel, crusted with sand.

    “Sheriff!” she called out to the man in the water, inspecting the body. “This towel may be connected somehow to the dead girl. I found it about a half mile down the beach. One corner might have blood on it. It’s been pretty washed out, but Forensics can handle it”.

    “Good work, Detective”, said Jake Manning, the Sheriff-Coroner for Santa Barbara County.

  2. I encountered my one and only black sand beach when I visited the island of Martinique back in 1989. The beach was located close to the capital—Saint-Pierre, and I remember how unusual but, at the same time, how spectacular it was since the sand is much coarser to the touch than the one we’re familiar with.

    Martinique is of volcanic origin, and the natives allege that this is the reason why the sand is black. The highest point on the island is Mont Pelée, which is the volcano that erupted last in 1902 destroying the capital. It is an active volcano, but it has been quiescent since then and being monitored by volcanologists. The question is—when will it erupt again?

  3. The camel train was huge, stretching out for miles into the endless desert. The traders were travelling together in a huge camel train to defeat the bandits. Suddenly a huge sand-storm erupted, the fierce desert wind blew sand everywhere, piling the loose swirling, whirling, wind-swept particles into sand dunes, making travelling impossible. We took shelter where we could.

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