I remember dumping rock salt in the ice around the tub in the ice cream freezer. I took a turn with my childish arms; crank, crank, crank, until exhaustion made me turn the job over to someone bigger. I was good at adding ice and salt. I was also good at snagging salty hunks of ice to suck on while the anticipation of wonderous ice cream grew unbearable.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

6 thoughts on “Salt”

  1. Despite several lacerations on the girl’s body and a rather heavy blow to the forehead, the pathologist’s report listed the cause of death as drowning. The girl was still alive but unconscious when her attacker likely threw her off the jetty. Her lungs quickly filled with salt water, leaching essential fluids out of her bloodstream, ultimately causing a heart attack.

  2. Eczema and other terrible skin complaints can be helped or even cured by a visit to the Dead Sea in the Middle East. This lake has a very high level of salt and other minerals. Stephen had very bad red sores and irruptions on his face and upper body. After a visit and a few swims and soaks in the healing, very salty water, his skin was clear and healed.

  3. The word from this prompt brings to mind the famous quote of Kahlil Gibran from his 1926 book “Sand and Foam,” which I read many years ago—“There must be something strangely sacred about salt. It is in our tears and in the sea.”

    Like much of his writing, there is always a profoundness and mysticism in his works, which, in my opinion, transcends all the boundaries of our mundane world. You just have to stop and ponder…

  4. Crunch, crunch the sound from Joe’s boots as he crossed the snow covered field heading to the barn to grab a bag of salt. The snow was heavy. He took giant steps lifting his legs higher and higher until he reached the shed that sat next to the old red barn. joe took the shovel he carried and dug deep to move the snow away from the blocked the door. Finally , he moved enough of the snow so he could push the door open. Joe stepped inside, looked around, when he spotted the bag of salt he lifted up the bag and threw it over his shoulders.

  5. The bullet had only grazed his shoulder, but it hurt like a son-of-a-bitch.

    Jake hissed when Emma poured vodka on the gaping wound. “Jesus, woman! Why don’t you just pour iodine on it?”

    Emma dabbed at the raw flesh with a towel. “Sorry,” she snapped. “I couldn’t find the salt.”

  6. “I have eaten your salt . ” is an idiom preceding oath of loyalty.
    Once you have partaken “someone’s salt”, meaning shared a meal , you are friends for life . The hindi term “namak ” stands for salt , and it is synonymous with honour , friendship , loyalty for life . I think salt must have been a precious commodity at one point of time , hence the importance attached to it .
    There is a story where a king asks his three daughters to quantify their love for him . The eldest one says that she loves him as she would the precious jewels . The second , not to be outdone , says that her love for him ranks amid the love for precious metals , viz., gold , silver etc. Only the third and the youngest says that her love for him , rivals that of her love of salt.

    The king reacted as kings are wont to , by jumping to conclusions , getting his elder daughters married to princes , and the youngest princess to a pauper. As she climbed into her plain palanquin , as against her sisters’ bejewelled ones, the youngest princess called the palace cook aside and whispered something into his ears..

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