Maybe Yellow

maybe yellow mug

At one point in my long, checkered past I went on a pottery binge. For a several years, I threw pots. Lots of pots. My house is full of bowls and jars and cups that I made myself. My favorite glaze was maybe yellow. The other day I stumbled on some tall mugs at the indoor flea market. I don’t need more mugs, but I cannot resist maybe yellow. I bought ’em and now I’m chuggin’ down coffee from the big girl mug.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “Maybe Yellow”

  1. I lifted the lid of my very expensive box of watercolour paints and selected a very nice tube of Cerulean blue for the sky mixed it with a Payne’s grey and applied a wash on the top half of the paper, using a very broad brush. I asked myself, if I should have a fiery red or an orange sun? No! Maybe yellow, is right, bright yellow for the sun. Maybe yellow will be best to picture a Summer sun.

  2. I looked at my reflection in the dressing room mirror with dismay. The dress was really cute on the hangar, but it didn’t do me any favors. It fit okay, but my skin looked grayish-green under the harsh fluorescent lights in the store. Maybe yellow wasn’t my best color.

  3. “What was she wearing?”

    I frown, as though I’m trying to remember. “Jeans and a shirt.”

    The cop’s pen hovers over his notepad. “What color was her shirt?”

    It doesn’t matter what I tell him now—she’s long gone—but I just can’t turn her in.

    I shrug. “Maybe yellow.”

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