Sea Blue

I looked again through the windows of the crappy motel where I’d landed. No one was outside in the stretch of sand between the room and the blue-green ocean. Good. I glanced back at the man on the bed. I couldn’t remember his name, but the room was registered in his name, whatever it was. That was good, too.

I wondered if I should take his keys and head north in his car. I could get a couple hundred miles away before he woke up, if my hangover indicator was working right.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

7 thoughts on “Sea Blue”

  1. The detective was questioning the eye-witness to a smash and grab robbery. “What did you see?” “Four masked men in a large sea blue car pulled up and…….”. “Hold on what the heck colour is sea blue? I have heard of sky blue, royal blue. Where I come from the sea is green, as in sea green!” The witness repiled, “I got the number, It might have been aquamarine, a cross between, blue and green.

  2. Vacation officially began when I took my first sip of a rum runner at the outdoor hotel bar while sitting on a sea-blue Adirondack chair. The drink, the ocean breeze, the view of the surf, the Margaritaville music and the scent of fried foods dropped the reading on my inner stress level meter to “barely discernable.”

  3. The color of the bedroom was sea blue—calming, soothing. This was one room in the house that she would not repaint once she moved in. She liked the ambiance of the bedroom; it was either akin to a celestial or oceanic setting because of the color. It was also her favorite color, which she saw as a good sign.

  4. I decided to do it. As I was cranking the ignition I thought that I should probably abandon the car after a couple hundred miles. I had no way of knowing when he’d report the car stolen, but it was best to assume it would be as soon as he discovered the car missing and me gone. It’s not very hard to get four out of those twos.

  5. John was sitting on the beach looking up at the blue sea before him what a vast sea he thought to himself , as he was looking he could not see an end to the water as it was uniting with the sky above it. It was getting dark but John did not want to leave , he wanted to be alone , he felt calm here , he started telling his problems to the sea thinking he is a good listener each time a tide hit the beach ..

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