The Pink Aisle

I took a Segway to the pink aisle. I appreciate that the store provided the speedy little wheeled vehicles to help customers get to the distant sections of the store. Everything that was any shade of red – a color recently outlawed by the Supreme Count – was way in the back of the store.

Now that manufacturers were not permitted to create anything using any shade of red, the supplies in the store would slowly disappear. Soon no more would be available. I intended to stock up on . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “The Pink Aisle”

  1. …red noses, clown shoes, hot water bottles, Valentine hearts and Little Red Riding Hood capes. Blow the Supreme Count! If I want to dress up as Little Red Riding Hood wearing a red nose and clown shoes, clutching my hot water bottle and Valentine’s heart, I shall and no dictator, toad-green or otherwise, shall stop me!

  2. The all-female rock group, “Pink Aisle” performed their Grammy winning hit “Think Pink” at the awards ceremony last night. The group is comprised of Millie Akers on vocals, Delphine Borden on guitar, Tammy Krause on keyboards and Karol Howard on drums. The women absolutely lit up the stage with their signature hot-pink hair and glittering pink and white costumes.

  3. Over one thousand pink roses were growing, entwined and twisting around a beautiful long tunnel in the garden of love, leading to a fountain. An altar had been set up and a priest was waiting. I took my love along this perfumed pink aisle, as the guests threw pink rose petals. We were married in style, my bride wore a pink satin dress and carried a pink boquet.

  4. Walking around San Luis Obispo with a hit of acid in your system wasn’t the thrill I had thought it would be. As I stumbled into the Pink Aisle, I was immediately overcome with Nag Champa and John Lennon music. God, I was so over Lennon. But in that hazy environment of sound and smoke I realized something profound. I was born to be a musician. Or a poet. Maybe a dancer. My mind seemed to travel in a thousand different directions. It was only when the store manager grabbed me by the shoulder and saw me to the sidewalk that I realized I had been standing in the record shop a good half hour. But that was ok, Everything was ok. My acid trip had opened the gates of revelation after all. Now, where could I get a good burrito? Or maybe a Coke. An iced tea would be awesome….

  5. As Virgie walked through the baby clothing store, she saw the “Newborn” sign and headed in its direction. Walking through the aisles, she noticed all the pink clothing. She was ecstatic since she had just become a grandmother, and she wanted to buy something for her granddaughter. Since pink was not her favorite color, she decided to stop walking through the pink aisle and look for other pastel colors in clothing. She was sure she would be able to find something in the store.

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