The club

The Frog Lady, 2

“The police can’t help you.” The cop leaned back and tossed his pen on his blotter.

“You have to arrest her,” Ron said. Ron struggled to remember something that would make his story believable. “She was stuffing 20 dollar bills in my shorts all during my number. I went to her table for a drink after. She must have drugged me. Go to the club and ask people. They will tell you I’ve been gone 2 weeks.”

“What would I charge her with,” the cop asked. “Turning strippers into frogs?”

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

6 thoughts on “The club”

  1. I crunched my way across the peanut-shell strewn floor, through the semi-darkness to the restrooms by the back door of Darwin’s Frog Pub. I pushed at the ladies’ room door, but it wouldn’t open more than a couple feet. Slipping through the opening, I entered the room and found an injured man on the floor clutching a club.

  2. Ug said to Gug let,s hit the road, the tribe are on the move. You bring your club and I,ll bring mine. The noise was deafening when they arrived. The Cavern club was echoing. The rock was resounding and vibrating, bouncing off the walls. Cavemen clubbed and cave women fell, under the spell of the music. Rocking and writhing, jerking and jiving. Then Gug said to Ug, I love it here, this is the ace of clubs.

    1. John, I know you worry about typos, but they are part of the “just write” philosophy. Whatever happens happens. No judgement, no editor’s mind worrying about details like spelling and typing. Thanks for being here and for writing with us. Don’t worry. Just write.

  3. The head of the club was slightly bent and its grip was worn. The seven iron seemed to have gotten a lot of use in its heyday, but it would have to do for now— at least for practicing.

    It had been a while since Skye had last been at the driving range. Her back problems had kept her at bay, but after changing her eating habits and exercise regimen, she felt more energized and ready to get back into the game.

    Once the ball was in place, she went through the steps in her head for grasping the club and using the proper stance. Swoosh! The ball sliced a bit, but the shot was not bad for a first try. She smiled and thought—”I’m back!”

  4. “Oh no!” The Ladies Club evening is here again.” The agony in the voice was genuine, the truth harsher. The last time she attended one, she had been asked to organise an impromptu quiz on the Chinese theme , and it turned out a total disaster. She was reduced to going on her knees, literally, begging the club members for answers to questions like -What was the older name of the chinese capital. Browbeaten by the lukewarm response, she had to suggest initial letters .
    When even that didn’t work, she just threw in the towel, and called it a day.
    It had been one of the most embarrassing evenings of her life, and she had spent the rest of the club evening trying to drown her sorrows with a glass of lemon soda.

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