The money

The Frog Lady, 3

It was hopeless. Ron jumped up. He pushed through people, chairs, desks, and out the door. He looked up Marian McBride on his phone. She was real. She had an address!

He hailed a cab and gave the address to the driver.

“Show me the money,” the cabby said.

“We haven’t even moved yet.”

“That’s the frog lady’s house, mister. I ain’t driving an inch until I know you’ve got money to pay me. I’ve been stiffed by too many guys headed for that place.”

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

6 thoughts on “The money”

    We have a cure for most of the illness that plagues mankind, a very cheap easy to make remedy that would revolutionise medicine if we were to release our patent. We cannot make money from this product so we sit on it. Hide it away, we pay many millions of our profits to silence the inventor and keep our shareholders happy. We buy their silence with the money.

  2. Alphonse and Arthur were loan sharks, they would lend out small sums of money for very high rates of interest, usually to very poor people who were in a financial mess.They would collect their money with threats, they always took two very fierce dogs wherever the went. One day they were found dead in a pond covered in frog spawn. They had been killed for the money they extorted by frogmen vigilantes. The dogs were tamed by the frogs

  3. He had a nasty shiner on his left eye and his right leg was in a very unnatural position. He fumbled with the club and slid open a hidden panel. He dug inside, pulled out a large, rolled wad of bills and croaked, “Take the money”.

    I put my hands up and backed away. “Don’t get me involved in this”, I replied.

  4. “You look so distraught, Milly,” her friend commented as she sat at the dining room table, “What seems to be the problem?”
    “I haven’t been able to find a job, Ange, and it’s taking a toll on my relationship with Devon.”
    “Is it a case of if the money is not coming through the door, love is flying out the window?”
    “Not necessarily, but I guess eventually it could happen because all our arguments and disagreements have to do with the fact that there’s just not enough to make ends meet, and it worries me Ange…”
    “I know it’s tough, my friend, but I’m sure you’ll be able to find something soon. Your assertiveness and resilience will bring about positive outcomes, you’ll see. Why don’t we go out for a cup of coffee? It’s on me.”

  5. The boy came out of the destroyed house or what remained of it .The sky was raining rocket s fired by the two helicopters which were hovering around the area , many houses were destroyed , if you look around you will think … There was nothing he could use to buy bread for his mother and his baby brother except some old Othman coin which his father used to keep in his collection of money notes …

  6. “The money in the smiley -faced piggy bank”. the younger one screamed, dancing on the balls of her feet. The baker’s truck outside honked impatiently.
    A yellow plastic stool was dragged to the fridge front, and the older one mounted the stool,the money box was fetched, and tipped onto the table top.
    Rebellious coins rolled away into various unreachable corners of the room , in jangling chaos.
    The pastry box sat on the side -board,reverentially untouched.

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