The Frog Lady, 4

“The frog lady?” Ron asked the cabby.

“Frogs all over the place. Big frogs, little frogs, nothing but frogs.”

“Have the guys you’ve taken there come out. I mean, did you see them again?”


Ron pulled a 20 from his pocket. “Let me off a couple of blocks before we get there.”

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “Nope”

  1. Do you realise that there is a type of frog in the Amazon jungle that acually flies from tree to tree?
    In my view nope is a shortened version of no hope. Did you know that?
    There is no hope of flying pigs, but flying frogs are a fact, you understand?
    You mean you have no hope of knowing, or no hope for the frogs? Do you care?
    My friend would you agree that there is no hope for you?

  2. The injured man swallowed and tried again, pushing the wad of cash towards me. “Take the money. Give it to the guy in the Redskins jacket.” He took a shallow, wheezing breath. “He’s at the bar”.
    I looked at the money like it was coated with MRSA. “Nope”, I said. “Not touching it. How about I call an ambulance? Or the cops?”

  3. She opened the freezer. Her heart set on making a nice, cold smoothie with the organic frozen fruit she had recently bought at the supermarket. Her heart sank when she rummaged through the half full freezer space without being able to see the frozen fruit.

    She approached her husband in the living room trying to contain her anger. “Brent, did you finish the frozen fruit I had bought to make smoothies?”


    “Well, it couldn’t have disappeared into thing air, right?” Her anger now more evident.

    He shrugged his shoulders.

    “Great! You ‘ve gone from monosyllabic to mute! Is this your new form of communication?”


    “Troglodyte!!” She yelled as she stormed out of the room.

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