An eye

The Frog Lady, 8

Ron bounded out the screen door and leapt through the giant petrified frog carcasses. Fear-induced paralysis seemed to afflict him. His movement stopped. He turned an eye to look back and saw the towering silhouette of Marian McBride against the bright backdrop of the sky.

She bent to look at him on the ground. “Nice froggy,” she said, and patted his little head.


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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “An eye”

  1. The bird feeder was teeming with birds. Some were flying around waiting to get in on one of the perches while others were already atop the staff where the bird feeder hung. Unbeknownst to them, a stray cat was hiding behind one of the patio evergreens in a crouching position—ready to pounce. This was all being taken in by Kaitlyn who was watching from the kitchen window as she washed the breakfast dishes.

    Keeping an eye on the cat, she opened the patio door carefully, but even this swift movement startled the feline who jumped towards the birds catching one on the ground. Right then and there, she knew that she should have let Conan, her dog, take care of the situation.

  2. I looked from Redskins jacket guy to Bunky and back again. I’d been as slow on the uptake as Bunky was with his club. “Hey, wait a minute. If you two know each other, why did I have to give him the money”, I said pointing to Redskins jacket guy.

    “We set you up. The money is fake”, said Redskins jacket guy, peeling two twenties off the top of the roll and tossing the rest in the trash. “However, Bunky wasn’t supposed to get injured in our plan. We needed to see if we could trust you. We need a P.I. for a job. We want you to keep an eye on someone for us.”

  3. Everyone ran for cover as the storm broke and Hurricane Fergus raged in the tropics. At the centre of the hurricane was an eye where everything was sucked up and deposited elsewhere. On a windy day in a town in Southern France it began to rain frogs from the sky. It was thouhgt that they were sucked up by the hurricane, Until the hurricane eye winked.

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