all these faces
these shades of
coffee and chocolate
and weak tea and
rosy brown
all these faces
aren’t like mine
my convictions are strained
my humanity is in question
my value to myself teeters
on my ability to
recognizes these faces
as belonging to
individuals of my kind

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “Faces”

  1. Faces. We see them on a day-to-day basis, but can we really tell what these individuals harbor in their hearts? That’s very unlikely. Facial expressions can be deceiving for we really don’t know if a person is masking contempt, hatred, intolerance or hypocrisy by having a smile on their face. Actions and good deeds are what gives us more of a clue. It gives us a chance to glimpse a little into a person’s true worth and helps us in deciphering their real intentions.

  2. A face is the front people display to the world. Many people take a person at face value, measuring their expectation by the other person’s face. This can be very misleading as a face is totally beyond the control of the owner, in shape, colour, often even in the expression displayed. BEWARE! An angelic face can mask a devil in disguise.

  3. FACES (2)
    People tell me I have a very kind face. I smile at the right time and I put the right expression on to match the mood of the subject under discussion. I hear the face can mirror many things. I have never seen my face or any other face, as I was born blind. I can feel faces to identify people.

  4. Faces frighten me. They entertain me and make me cry and laugh out loud. They take me into secret worlds where spirits live, where I have lived before. Faces mirror back to me what I want to close my eyes to, what I can’t close my eyes to. They tell me who I am right this minute, and who I may be a year from now.

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