Practical Information

Too damn practical
Got no enthusiasm
No spontaneity, no zest.
I stand accused of this sin.

I am, in fact,
My mother’s daughter,
And so – a secondhand survivor
Of the Great Depression,
That great teacher of
Practical information.

Perhaps an impractical
Wastrel’s attitude,
A backlash against
Common sense would
Help me mend
My sorry practical ways.

Just lead me into impulsivity,
Unexamined living
And that cherished
Holy attribute:

Okay. I’ll become impractical. I’ll do it.
I’ll start as soon as
I change my oil
While it’s still shady
In the driveway.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

2 thoughts on “Practical Information”

  1. Dagmar thought that the computer course she enrolled in had given her some practical information, but nothing that she couldn’t have gotten online. For the money charged, she was under the impression that it would be something more in depth and worth her time. She didn’t see it as a total wash-out because it was during that time she had met Austin, who later on would share his extensive computer knowledge with Dagmar and end up dating her. It was love in the times of technology…

  2. It would be difficult to display creativity as practical information,
    This world is full of many kinds of creativity.
    Try to avoid the discrimination,
    By not labelling the different shades of creativity.

    Just love creativity in all its wonderful guises,
    Practical creativity is to be creative
    With a particular goal in sight.
    Creative design is very practical.

    All creative writing contains practical information,
    Although sometimes it is very hard to find.
    Creativity can split one hundred words
    Into two separate first fifty words, in a poem.

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