My Secret Place

My secret place is beside a crystalline cave. There are flat, comfortable rocks near the mouth from which I can look at the ponderosas, the oaks, the stream dancing over its stony track. The sky is blue – dark clean blue with piles of bleached white cumulus clouds.

I’ll watch the sky tonight, Scorpio crabbing across the heavens, the Milky Way thick and bright. I’ll sleep while the owls and mice play out their game of survival. I’ll wake as the sun streams in through the cave entrance to light my crystal hideaway with a thousand lights.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

8 thoughts on “My Secret Place”

  1. I pushed the shoes, boxes and toys to the front of the closet. I grabbed a blanket, a couple of pillows, some crackers, a can of soda, a flashlight and my current favorite book and pushed them to the back of the closet. After crawling over the pile of stuff by the closet door, I pulled it shut and switched on the flashlight. I was now in my secret place where I thought no one could find me.

  2. My Secret Place

    Beneath the ancient curving, gracious limbs of paperbarks
    Beside the tannin dark, and secrets deep, flowing river
    Upon the firm grassed and muddy bank
    I lay my whole of self
    Held by earth
    Caressed by sun
    Kissed by rippling shadows
    Upon riparian quilt
    Laid bare
    Our secret love affair.

  3. (1) ~ The Gateway.

    I know a private secret place,
    That is almost impenetrable to all,
    I can alter the vistas and rearrange,
    The outlook and furnish my private space,
    With dreams and schemes and imagination,
    I am careful of the contents, How much I reveal
    I carry my secret place wherever I find
    Some stimulation for my fertile mind.

    (2) ~ The Entrance.

    A waterfall guards the entrance
    Of a tunnel to a valley beyond.
    As you arrive at the end, two Peacocks
    Gaze and welcome you to their home.
    Streams and brooks with Swans gliding,
    A Centaur waits to carry you on his back
    To share the pleasure of a magical mind
    As you explore this special secret place.

    A closely guarded secret place, far too complex to reveal in the “first 50 words”.

  4. My secret place has been and will always be in my mind. I can relive my most memorable moments at my heart’s desire and without the interference of anyone or anything, for I am the absolute master of my thoughts. No one can ever take away from you what you know or what you’ve experienced in life.

  5. My secret place is a niche, a corner of the room, beyond the bedstead, hemmed in by walls on the two sides and by the massive planks of polished wood on the third. It is barely large enough for me to squeeze in with my diary and my cup of coffee. It accepts me, unlike the humans around me, with all my mood swings, and welcomes me. It is to this recess ,I retire, whenever I tire of the vagaries of living…

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