What Ruins a Man

What ruins a man is a culture that teaches him he is a supreme being. He is lord of all, or at least of women. What ruins a man is a job that pays him more than a woman for doing only as much as she does. . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

6 thoughts on “What Ruins a Man”

  1. What ruins a man…

    tough exterior,
    cast iron coat that declares this is a mans world,
    expectations that men don’t cry,
    supposed superior strength,
    calls to fight other men’s wars,
    fear of being seen weak,
    inherited inhibited emotional eloquence,
    guarded urge to weep,
    THERE LIES the tight clenched fist
    of a ruined man.

  2. I was on my first trip to Italy, traveling with a tour group from the U.S. It was fascinating to see famous buildings and places that I’d only experienced in pictures. The tour group mostly consisted of sedate middle aged women and senior citizens, but a few members of the group stood out as caricatures of obnoxious American tourists. One annoying incident occurred when we got to the Coliseum.

    “What ruins?” a man in red plaid pants guffawed loudly. “I thought they meant to build it that way. Italian government never does do anything right.”

    I wanted to slap him.

  3. What ruins a man? Indeed! Or what ruins a woman?
    A highly inflated opinion of themselves. Sadly unbalanced.
    If one has a balanced view of the world, the inevitable decay
    Of self opinionated ruinous decay will be slowed considerably.
    Ruin starts slowly and picks up speed.
    Gin was was once called “Mothers ruin” in Victorian England.
    Consumption of too much gin at any time, can ruin either
    Mother or Father, in a balanced society.

  4. What ruins a man is how a woman enables him to become complacent, conceited and a conformist. The more is done for a man, the less a woman is appreciated. So, in order not to ruin a man, a woman must not loose her own perspective nor her self-respect.

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