When I met him, he was lost in the wilderness of mental illness. There was nothing outside his mind that was real. His only reality was of his own making. He was terrified of what his mind produced. I was called to the police station to examine him. No one dared enter the cell with him, myself included. He . . .

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Writer and teacher who benefits from following the principles of writing practice set forth by Natalie Goldberg.
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4 Responses to Wilderness

  1. Stella says:

    He shielded his eyes with the shade from his calloused hand. It was midday as the sun bore down on the blood red plains before him. Not a single piece of greenery was in sight, save the occasional brush. Either he would conquer this land, or it would conquer him.

  2. Eleanor Elliott says:

    I live on the edge of the Ventana Wilderness. A huge forest in Monterey County where hikers go missing forever. One day I will hike into the heart of her and become lost where no one can find me. I seek her solitude, I seek her welcoming darkness. I seek . . .

  3. Claire says:

    Ryan had become disappointed because his ideas at the weekly staff meetings were not being heeded.

    “I feel underutilized,” he complained to one of his co-workers as they headed to their offices. “It’s like I’m a voice in the wilderness.”

    “Don’t worry about it, Ryan. I’m sure that sooner or later, they’ll give themselves enough rope to hang themselves,” his co-worker smirked.

    Ryan shook his head in frustration and continued walking. He felt he was working beneath his standards, and he didn’t know if he could continue working under these conditions. At that moment, he made a snap decision—it was time to update his resumĂ©.

  4. pampapam2 says:

    Waving her arms wildly, gesturing with frank aggression, loud voice and a rising pitch; I shivered mentally as I was entering the wilderness of her thoughts. A large , dark , brooding forest, where not even a ray of the sun of reason was allowed to enter; where grudges putrefied and fermented into festering swamps and quicksands, where innocuous remarks metamorphosed into gargantuan monoliths of resistance. I sat back uneasily as she poured forth the cataract of venomous insanity from her lips….

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