My Bedroom

My childhood bedroom had a built in desk, the kind you pulled open so the writing surface hung from the wall on chains. I used that desk to fill huge books with angsty teen-aged writing. I also used it to carefully save every piece of my writing that was published in the school newspaper. Fast forward 50 years. Now I’m putting my writing on the Internet. I still have the bug.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

9 thoughts on “My Bedroom”

  1. My bedroom is a sty. I swear it’s an absolute mess. I spend all my time writing and zero time cleaning, then throw everything into my room “to get to later.” I never get to it, of course, and so it just sits there, piling up higher and higher. Oh shit.

  2. I chose everything in my bedroom: paint, bedspread, bureau, carpet. I could escape and be alone in my bedroom. I listened to music, did homework, dreamed. It was a haven. It was safe.

    Until a man I trusted—a family member—came in one night and stole it from me.

  3. My bedroom is my sanctuary. It’s where I read, listen to music, consult my pillow and, ultimately, sleep—and I love to sleep. It’s one of my escape mechanisms. Morning dreams are a daily happening; some of them are recurrent, some are not. Some I remember, but most of them I don’t, which is a good thing because most of them are bizarre, surreal and disjointed, but as soon as my eyes open, my surroundings bring me back to my sanctuary, and I prepare to tackle another day outside of it.

  4. My bedroom is crowded to say the least. There are rats roaming around at night and my sister roaming in the morning. All you see are papers strewn across the floor and me in the middle of them.My bedroom is my heaven just the way I want it to be

  5. My bedroom opens onto a small patch of green. There I get to see squirrels chase each other up and down tree trunks. As I sit on the bed with my coffee and laptop, I know I am in heaven.My hubby dear leaves for work in the morning, and I can sniff his cologne , the entire day, brooding in the air like a patient mastiff ……

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