To Infinity and Beyond

The other day on Facebook I saw one of these joke graphics that said, “My pin number is the last 4 digits of Pi.” I got a laugh out of it but it made me think about the wonderment I felt as a young person when I finally understood what infinity was, what an infinite amount was. It astonished and delighted my mind. As adults we so seldom find those things that astonish and delight, it would be good if we could learn to let more things carry us to infinity and beyond.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

6 thoughts on “To Infinity and Beyond”

  1. The famous catchphrase of “To Infinity and Beyond!” is Buzz Lightyear’s recurrent line in the animated film Toy Story and its sequels. On a personal basis, I tend to think that this phrase connotes the transitional state between life and death. Life is composed of polar opposites—day/night; white/black; big/small; happy/sad; health/illness; life/death. Life is finite and death confers an infinite passage into the beyond. This is a little too philosophical, but we all have different ways of interpreting things. It’s what makes the world go ’round.

  2. My granddaughter asked me the other day, “Grandma, how big is infinity?” I said infinity is bigger than anything you could ever imagine. It’s bigger than a thousand puppies. It’s bigger than a million blooming daisies. It’s bigger than a hundred million pairs of pink mittens. “Is it bigger than a hundred houses?” Yep. “Is it bigger than a zillion trillion trees?” Uh-huh. “Is it bigger than America?” Sure is. “Is it bigger than the whole world?” ‘Tis. “Wow! Is it bigger than the moon and the sun and all the planets?” I would say so. “Okay so, is it bigger than you, Grandma?”

  3. Last of the guests had departed. The awning was still there. One odd bearer sauntered in and out, carrying dishes.The sky darkened and the stars came out. I slowly dragged myself to the top step of the terrace, to sit on its warm, inviting concrete, away from the hub-bub downstairs. Trust us to make a celebration out of death, I thought, out of undiluted disgust and exhaustion.Following me, my niece sat next to me, holding my hand , gazing,out into the star studded sky.After a moments’ silence, she asked”You think she is out there? Into the infinity and beyond.”Tears suddenly stung my eyes, a lump built up in the throat,and I nodded dumbly, trying to smile and appear normal.

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