Before Sunrise

She was up well before sunrise. She drove carefully, never over the speed limit. She reached the pull-out that lead to a small parking area under the bridge. She backed the car up as close to the river’s edge as she could get it. All her work with free weights paid off as she hoisted Matt’s body out of the back of the SUV. She dumped him in the river with a splash and used a big branch to push his body away from the bank and into the current. Then she drove home and made a big breakfast for herself.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “Before Sunrise”

  1. Sunrise crawled over the mountains like a tarantula, one leg at a time. I was up before sunrise and was able to witness this quiet act. Laying out on the deck with a cup of coffee and a cigarette, I watched eastward for the show to begin. The only thing missing was the popcorn. I couldn’t wait for the darkness to leave. It scared me and made me cry, sometimes until the sun came up. I relive my days locked in my closet by my father and wait, wait, wait for sunrise to adorn the landscape.and rescue me.

  2. Grandfather always roused the household, without fail. He would be awake (“in the dead of the night”, my long -suffering granny would say) at 4am precisely. After a long time , spent washing at the well, splashing, scrubbing noisily, he would proceed to the pooja room, his wet dhoti clinging to his spindly legs, chanting the gayatri mantra( loud enough to rouse the neighbourhood);clattering around in his wooden “khadauns”(slippers),tapping the concrete with his walking stick.All this would happen before sunrise, and sleeping forms would toss and turn, grumbling and cursing under their breath.

  3. Camille would always be up before sunrise. Of course, she would turn in with the chickens at around 8pm. Her friend Chiara thought this was unusual—certainly unique to Camille—but, nevertheless, unusual to Chiara who was the complete opposite of her friend—she was a night owl.

    There were times when she wanted to talk to Camille on the phone but couldn’t because the majority of the time Chiara would be finished with the daily routine of dinner and dishes sometime after 8pm, and she knew that Camille would already be snuggled in the arms of Morpheus. Whatever she needed to discuss with her would have to wait until the following day.

    They were complete opposites on many things, yet they had nurtured their friendship for many years. Seeing it from that vantage point, Chiara always thought that the adage of “opposites attract” had some truth in it.

  4. Before Sunrise is when the work day begins. They meet and discuss the final plan that must be carried out, making sure all details are reviewed and nothing is left to ponder. Brief and clearly expressed answers are given concerning critical questions, prior to discreetly moving toward the final objective.

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