Cloudy and Gray

I studied his eyes. Obsessively. I could tell when to make myself scarce by the color of his eyes. When they were a light blue it would be okay to be around him. But when they turned a cloudy shade of bluish-gray it was time to be out of his reach. I felt bad about leaving my mom there with him while I fled, but I couldn’t get her to leave him. The only way to save my mom from those flat gray eyes was . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “Cloudy and Gray”

  1. The weather was changing rapidly. Just yesterday it was hot out and she went sleeveless, but today it was cloudy and gray. Fall is upon us, she mumbled to herself. Fall always brought up memories of her parents, as her mother adored the turning of the leaves and her father loved the first day of classes at university where he taught. They were both gone now and she had only their autumn memories to bring them to the light. The colors of fall brought tears to her eyes and the smell of leaves burning sent her falling down the rabbit hole.

  2. The cloudy and gray sky that greeted Mariel that morning did not help the uneasiness and anxiety she felt when she awakened. Sitting at her kitchen’s breakfast nook, she brooded over the dream she had with her ex-husband. Each time he appeared in her dreams, which was not often, she’d always wake up with an uneasy feeling.

    It had been 15 years since their divorce—the same amount of time she had not laid eyes on him. Regardless of this, she always thought of him and couldn’t help but wonder how he was faring now 15 years later. It seemed like a lifetime. She had made many beautiful memories with him, but the one she remembered most took place on a day when nature dressed itself in its most beautiful autumnal colors—their wedding day.

    Mariel felt it was difficult to let go of that particular memory, which was very much hers, and even though she had remarried, his welfare concerned her. At times, she agonized with the thought that she’d never see him again, and this frightened her. Today, this fear paralyzed her…

  3. It had been like that since early morning. Cloudy and gray. A sense of foreboding had already set in when they started out. The school was at a walking distance, but the prospect of carrying three heavy satchels full of brand new books and note books, weighed her down. Now the pitter -patter , gentle at first, rapidly increasing in volume and intensity, took them over. They could see the school gates, creaking and swinging with the gale….

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