Better Eating

They say that your taste buds don’t have the same zing when you’re old that they did when you were young. But that can’t explain how much better eating was back in the day. When pancakes were slathered with real butter and real maple syrup they just tasted better and it wasn’t because of eating today’s artificial everything with old taste buds. When cakes were frosted with a concoction of actual sugar and some fat-filled horror, they just tasted better than whatever that sorry stuff is they put on cakes these days. And you know what – we were healthier when we ate that stuff. Not because of our food but because of . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “Better Eating”

  1. How can dry toasts be a substitute for good healthy sandwiches?Better eating is about being age appropriate, in addition to being calorie conscious.When my skinny daughter decides that she is going on a diet,or she doesn’t want to have banana shake because it is ‘so fattening’,then it is worry -time for me.

  2. Better health equates with better eating. It’s just logical and nowadays, there has been a big surge in the concept of juicing in order to detoxify your body and provide it with the proper and ideal nutrients contained in fruits and vegetables. The truth is that today’s foods are made with so many preservatives that we are being poisoned slowly but surely. It’s up to us to protect ourselves and to take care of our bodies and what we’re putting into it. Be wise. Read labels. Be well.

  3. Better eating is profoundly emphasized these days. It reduces the possibility of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Sometimes better eating is linked to income levels, but the desire to do so is most important. Education related to better eating helps eliminate unhealthy habits. Education and desire lead to better eating.

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