Casual Interaction

Most interactions in the course of a day are casual, cloaked in correct social conventions and surface level conversation. The advent of social media has increased the number of casual conversations that pass by in a day’s time. You don’t know anyone in great depth. Yet sometimes events come along that reveal deep truth. You see inside, beyond the casual interaction. That’s how I learned that . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “Casual Interaction”

  1. We met at a promotional gathering over champagne and strawberries. It was just a casual interaction, but we felt a common bond and quickly exchanged email addresses. At our second meeting over coffee, we struggled to find that bond again, although we knew it had to exist somewhere; it wasn’t our imagination. We met a third time and finally clicked. Now, almost three years later, we are close friends, despite superficial differences. Unbelievably, she talked me into going with her next month to try…

  2. For us Army Folk, we are human flotsams, who live far too less amount of time in a given place / neighbourhood, casual interactions are all that is there.
    Occasionally, one comes across human drama of great voltage, like a blinding flash; and one is less than normally , equipped to deal with it. Usually, one freezes into inaction, and warily, withdraws into one’s own shell.
    Last posting we came across a newly-married couple; who , on the surface, seemed a perfectly normal pair. Throwing parties, attending them, dancing late into the evening. The wife was a classical musician, having acquired a formidable number of degrees from the best of ‘gharanas'(exponents), the husband, a young, enthusiastic, doctor.
    It was only when we were drawn into their ugly world of nasty spats ,that their bondage full of distrust, hatred and disgust emerged. It was unnerving, to say the least…

  3. Sabine was walking aimlessly in the mall when she suddenly stopped in front of a display window featuring women’s shoes. Her eyes zoomed in on a pair of red high-heel shoes and thought—I wonder how they would look on me…

    She went inside and started to look around. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw someone approaching her. “May I help you find something you like?” he said in a deep, virile voice.

    As she turned to answer, she was face-to-face with a smiling salesman who had the most beautiful and expressive green eyes she had ever seen. His jet black hair was slicked back, and he was wearing a dark blue suit with what appeared to be sapphire cufflinks on his French cuff shirt.

    He exuded classiness, and he was most definitely handsome. Sabine thought—he certainly is a complete package; looks and a captivating personality to boot. The unsuspecting salesman had been sized up during this casual interaction, and Sabine smiled to herself…

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