Call Now

I sat at the table with a book and a salad. One of those infomercials was playing on the TV in the background. I heard, “Call now, operators are waiting,” about 15 times. It distracted me from my reading. I thought about my son. I wondered if the last phone number I had for him still worked. I wondered if I called him he would talk to me or hang up immediately. How many efforts to get through to him were enough?

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

6 thoughts on “Call Now”

  1. I wish it was as easy as a phone call. “Hello. What’s the answer?” When we downsized I got rid of the land line. Too many incoming calls for opinion polls and sales calls. And it was also part of my circular cage. Check messages on cell phone, return calls, or not. If the light was blinking, check messages on home phone. So now there’s only one phone. Easy. It seldom rings. Quiet. And there is no one to call out to for answers. I think I’ll call myself.

  2. She had not heard the phone ring and when she opened it after getting out of the car, there was a missed call from her husband, but no voicemail. Why did he always have to do that? Why couldn’t he simply leave a message?

    She stood in front of the establishment thinking—should I call now or later? She decided not to call at all and walked into the restaurant.

  3. Read a note from Victoria, my Russian neighbour, when I returned home from work. It said, ” Call now”. I wondered what in the world I had to call her for. Though my neighbour our interactions were limited to just a “hi” or a “bye” when we saw each other. There were no social calls or get togethers. no barbecues or anything else we would call sociable.
    My first instinct was to ignore the note and go on inside my house. But as soon as I stepped into my house, the thing that does not let me do things, my angelic self told me, ” Go and take a look. May be she wants to talk to you about something”. My reply” But she said call her”.
    So why don’t you call on her and find out ?
    Against my better instincts, I marched to her house and rang the bell. No one opened the door. I rang again. Nothing.
    Then I realised the door was opened. So I pushed the door open and went inside. I found Victoria, my neighbour, lying on her sofa, red in face and blowing her nose on a piece of Kleenex.
    I ran to her and asked her what happened. In broken English, she told me, ” Today is my birthday. No one has called me. Every one seems to have forgotten, including my husband and my children. I put the note on your door instinctively and thought I needed to reach out to you first; then maybe you would talk to me and I would feel better”.
    I felt sad hearing her say that. I wanted to hug her just like that. I told her, ” Victoria, you did the best thing you ever could have done. Now we are going to celebrate your birthday Susie style”.
    I made her sit up and wipe her face with a new piece of Kleenex.I went to her kitchen and made her a cup of hot tea, with plenty of sugar. Because everyone knows, though you don’t need sugar on other days, on birthdays, everyone is entitled to a little sugar.
    Then I went home to get ingredients for a cake, which we baked in her oven. Together we sat in the twilight, eating cake, watching the kittens play in the garden and the fading sunset on the horizon.
    The day had ended differently from what I had thought but it was a perfect ending.

  4. “Call now’. His pager beeped a second time in the last minute. His father was never so desperate. What could be the reason? Heart sinking into a cesspool of dark dread ,he stopped at the phone booth. Silently sending a prayer heavenward, he dialled the numbers, his heart in his mouth..To his immense relief, his father’s soothing voice answered the phone. He relaxed, and looked around for a chair to sit in, even as his father briefed him ……

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