The Earth is Flat

I’ve thought about my personal manifesto a lot and I’ve reached some principles, some prime rules for living. These eternal truths shall rule the future:

  • The earth is flat. Anyone can see that.
  • Humans are not causing global warming. It’s just summer time. Anyone can see that.
  • AIDS only affects gay men because God is trying to punish them for their sins. Anyone can see that.
  • The Holocaust was a fiction perpetrated by a bunch of liars. Anyone can see that.
  • The moon landing was a fake made in a movie studio. Anyone can see that.
  • It’s perfectly okay to rape someone if they aren’t paying attention at the time. Anyone can see that.
  • God wants you to love everyone. Unless the person you love is the same sex as you are. Anyone can see that.
  • Immigrants are the scourge of American society. Anyone can see that.

Please leave a comment with your first 50 words on the topic “the earth is flat.”


Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “The Earth is Flat”

  1. Maybe it’s true. Maybe everything you and I care about needs turning upside-down. Like why do I use a hyphen between upside and down? Was it an elementary school teacher with a charismatic personality? Perhaps every one (left the space there on purpose) of my/our questions can be answered by an enhanced (such a popular word these days) belief in a smooth, easy to imagine flattened earth.

  2. “The earth is flat.”
    “No, it isn’t.It is round. Everybody knows that.”
    “How can you say that?”
    “Because I have read books, and paid attention in my geography class.Not like you. Buddhu(Fool)”
    “I am not buddhu.”
    “Well, you certainly talk like one’.Earth is flat’, indeed.”
    A moment of lip-chewing silence, and the clever elder sister misread it as a concession of defeat.
    “Buddhu, buddhu, you are a buddhu.”
    The chanting began and the child turned red, hot tears welling up .

  3. Yes, the earth is definitely flat , and it’s all relative to where you’re standing, but the earth globe is spherical and that constitutes a great difference.

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