A sprinkle of coffee grounds decorated the bottom of my cup: an artifact of using a French press to make my coffee. I wondered if the grounds spoke with divination about my future the way tea leaves might. Why only tea? Does coffee not speak of the future, give portents and warnings for the unwary?

The message in the grounds seems to be, “get up and get busy before the energy wears off.” So banal, coffee.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “Sprinkle”

  1. The oil on the skillet hissed and sputtered.An aproned and capped chef sauntered up, and casually sprinkled some water . In an instant, the water vaporized ,releasing a small cloud of steam. Through the steamy mist, I saw the chef ladle two large helpings of the white, creamy dosa batter onto the skillet, expertly pressing it into the concentric circles of a gargantuan dosa.
    The dosa sizzled happily, turning light brown, even as the oil -dipped spatula described two circles in the air above, hovering and drizzling oil at the same time.
    The third smooth movement folded the delicious , wafer thin dosa, into a glistening brown cone of delight.

  2. Splat. Splat. Splat.
    Three fat drops of water leave a stain on the concrete.
    “It’s raining!” Amanda gasps, drops the dog’s leash, tilts her head back and offers her palms to the cloudy sky.
    “No it’s not. That’s just a sprinkle,” her husband replies.
    “Not in Southern California.”

  3. As a child, Sophie liked her ice cream, and she would make her mother sprinkle it with chocolate shavings. Now even as an adult, she continued with this tradition; she was that much of a chocoholic. Today, she had served herself the ice cream only to find that she had no chocolate, therefore, no shavings. Scrounging around the kitchen cabinets she found an unopened bag of granola, and she decided that this new find would have to do. The initial experimentation was not earth-shattering, so she promised herself she would never run out of chocolate again.

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