Remember Sunday dinner after church? Everyone gathered around the big table at Grandma’s house. Fried chicken and the kids’ favorite “gobby gravy.” A tussle over who got what chair. Laughing and joking through a meal with the world’s best dessert after a big meal?

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “Sunday”

  1. The Sunday newspaper was thick, a cup of coffee was cherished and, if it was fall, one of three TV stations was set to football. The morning commute was short – a shuffle to the front door, then the kitchen and around to the couch, or back to the bed – for a leisurely look at the world framed by newsprint-stained hands.

  2. Sunday is the day you can afford to sleep late. Get up late and help yourself to a leisurely cup of coffee. Reading the movie review of the week on the second page of the Times. Endless futile debate on whether one should watch this or that movie. Debate on yoga and the kashmir flood situation.Dosas with hot chutney for brunch.Laughing at the silliness of time classifieds.Shampooing the kids’ long hair and paying obeisance at the Gurudwara.Long ,blissful afternoon nap. Dinner at Haveli , the vegetarian paradise.Wishing for more sundays…

  3. The fun began on Sunday at 2:00PM in the blistering Central Alabama heat. That is when the competition started. All over this geographical location, young adults, college and high school students displayed their talent. The sound of fastballs hitting catchers’ mitts and sounds of bats making contact with pitches intrigued spectators.

  4. Before her retirement, Sandy didn’t like Sunday much. Now it was a different story since she didn’t have to think she would have to wake up early come the end of the weekend, and she enjoyed that. She was glad she had reached that time in her life where she didn’t have to punch a clock any more. Now she only punched the snooze button.

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