She hummed that old tune “Monday, Monday” by the Mama and the Papas as she walked. It had just the right rhythm to keep her feet moving and she had a lot of ground to cover. After a while she tied a shirt around her head to keep the sweat from dripping in her eyes, and she kept walking. Her empty water bottles went back into her back pack to refill when she found a water supply. She kept walking.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

2 thoughts on “Monday”

  1. Monday had always been a day she dreaded when she resumed her work at the office. It was time to gear up for what had transpired over the weekend, and there was always something that needed her attention on an emergent basis. It usually consumed most of her time and that would set the pace for the rest of the week. She knew she would never catch up, but she had learned not to stress since work would always be there when she returned.

  2. That monday everything happened as it would. The kids got up, washed, dressed, someone’s hair was combed.Buttered toast and coffee was set on the table. Lunches prepared and packed. Water bottles filled and thrust into the side pockets of the school bag ,Green tea for the spouse brewed,apple cored and diced, and placed on the side table, next to the carpet, as he huffed and puffed trying to twist the unwilling body into yogic asanas(postures). She must have turned her back and two things happened simultaneously. The school bus loudly honked it’s arrival and the cup of green tea fell on the floor with a loud crash.Broken to smithereens….

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