“On Wednesday? Let me think. Oh, that was the day I went up to visit my mother in Longmont. Stayed with her nearly all day.”

“You drove your own car?”

“Yeah, sure. Of course.”

An officer tapped at an iPad while I spoke. The one who was asking all the questions just stared at me for a while. It was making me nervous. The guy with the iPad tapped Mr. Long Stare’s shoulder and he turned around and looked at it.

Mr. Long Stare turned back to me. “The thing is, Tommy, we don’t have any record of your car driving on either I25 or 287 that day. No camera anywhere shows you on either route. But where we do have a record of your license plate being seen last Wednesday is . . . ”

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “Wednesday”

  1. Wednesday dawned with a warning. Dark clouds gathered and the winds howled around the windows, seeking a way in. The dried leaves flew up in a frivolous rage and the rain drummed down , without much ado, quickly turning the vegetable patch into a muddy, slushy ditch sunk beneath ankle deep water. Raindrops continued to beat staccato rhythms on the surface of the water, creating happy bubbles.Rivulets gurgled down the driveway, The tree tops swayed and bent double like spent veterans.

  2. Wednesday marched in ebulliently. Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday snickered. Monday was disdained. Sunday was sullen. Wednesday was in the middle. Everyone thought Wednesday was arid. Wednesday didn’t care. Wednesday used the hackneyed phrase, “Haters will hate.” Wednesday ignored the rude. Wednesday always tried its best. Soon, Wednesday became favorited.

  3. Wednesday—the day considered by many Americans as “hump day” since it’s in the middle of the week. It gives us the impression that once it passes, the weekend is just around the corner—at least, that’s how I felt when I was working. Like everything in life, is how things are perceived by an individual and not how they really are.

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