Thursday Anderson was her given name. There was really no good way to create a nickname out of Thursday. Thur sounded stupid. So she went by the name Mac, a name she gave herself in 3rd grade after reading a book with a character by that name. She thought when she turned 21 she might change it officially. She hadn’t told her mother about her plan to officially stop being Thursday. When . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “Thursday”

  1. When she met Wednesday. As fickle, hopeful and at times, tiring as the middle of the week, Wednesday steamrollered her way into Thursday’s life without any sort of apology. They quickly became obsessed with the idea that five others were waiting to be found, but never took it seriously, until…

  2. Thursday was approaching fast, and Fabienne was happy about that because she would be seeing her granddaughter on Saturday. It was always a happy time for her since she got to spend some quality time with her three-month-old grandchild. The forecast for the weekend appeared to be a favorable one, and she saw that as a promise to take advantage of the final days of summer by taking her granddaughter for a carriage ride.

  3. My grandmother would declare with great pomposity at the morning tea,”Today is thursday”.
    “As if we need to be reminded.”My die hard non vegetarian brother would mutter under his breath.
    Thursday , in our Hindu household, was a day of abstinence from meat and eggs.
    My father would have to go to work without his favourite fried fish, we kids would be deprived of our morning egg, and there would be an assortment of greens on the table for lunch, when we came back from school.
    In the evening, bhajans(holy songs) would be sung in praise of Lord Vishnu, The Protector, and the prasad was roasted chickpeas with jaggery.
    Coming to think of it now, it wasn’t that bad, especially, the jaggery bit..

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