My Music

“Thanks for inviting me,” the email said. It followed with, “Will it be okay if I bring my music? You’ll love it!”

That’s what happens when you invite your boss to something. You have to say yes to whatever he wants. So I said yes.

Turns out his music was all Glenn Miller and WWII songs. On cassette tapes. I told him I didn’t have a cassette player, but he spotted an old boom box in the basement with . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “My Music”

  1. a cassette player. I didn’t have the courage to tell him that the neighbors had offered to bring their karaoke system. A friendly get-to-know your neighbor activity. That’s how all of this had started. A corn roast. Simple, low-cost, no mess in the house to clean up. It had seemed like such a great idea at the time. Wish I could back out of it right now. But since I’m the one who organized it all, that wasn’t an option. Where had I blundered? Oh….yes. It all started when I had decided that inviting one or two of my colleagues from work couldn’t hurt…..

  2. My music!! No such thing. The computer has separate tags,”my music”,”my documents”, “my pictures”,”my videos”. “Our” maybe is more applicable. The music folder is a vignette of popular indian and western music for the past four decades. We have my husband’s Beatles, Jim Morrison,Sting,mine own selection of ghazals, kishore kumars and R D Burmans;my kids’ Selena gomez, One Direction, Justin Bieber and Honey singh. So we all exist in our own tiny vignettes in the folder.

  3. My Music puts me in a good mood. Then I am enthusiastic about working toward any goal placed on my list of unfinished endeavors. My music of choice is jazz, the music that is instrumental on a lot of occasions. Jazz, my music, causes one to concentrate deeply and focus.

  4. I can concentrate better on writing when I listen to my music, which is mostly classical in nature. It doesn’t interfere with my train of thought, and it seldom distracts me. Depending on the tempo and the key of the piece being executed, it seems to give me impulse or direct me to do things at a slower pace. I have been listening to this type of music for many years now, and it has provided me with a lot of inspiration.

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