Pretty Is

“Pretty is as pretty does.” Did your mom use that one on you? Mine did. It was meant to encourage kind behavior. Maybe it even worked, since I turned out to be pretty decent and not a sociopath. But it never made be believe I was pretty. In fact, being pretty was never one of my aspirations. Maybe that old expression bred that into me as well.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “Pretty Is”

  1. Pretty is the first dew drop
    On a soft blade of grass
    the colour of baby parrot feathers
    eager to slide off the tip

    Pretty is a gossamer web
    stretched in a dark thicket
    with glistening raindrops
    strung as lustrous pearls

    Pretty is the green velvet
    of moist moss on a
    mound of freshly dug
    earth smelling of spring

  2. Pretty is a word we use solely for the girls. It brings to my mind hours spent before a mirror. Brushing, curling, styling hair. Putting on make-up. Choosing the right clothing. I don’t like to use the word. I wish it was erased from the dictionary. Women have worked too hard for so long to claim equality, I shudder at the thought that girls today might still think that being pretty is important.

  3. Pretty is watching a red-throated hummingbird sitting calmly on top of an areca frond as if taking a rest from buzzing about the nectar-laden flowers before taking off in its unique aerodynamic flight. Pretty is watching your grandchild squeal with joy at the sound of your voice. Pretty is watching the unbound happiness elicited from your pet as you walk through the door after a hard day at work, but most of all, pretty is being able to wake up and greet a new day so that you can enjoy the many beautiful things that surround you.

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